Welcome to Fusion Voice Web

Welcome to Fusion Voice Web, your web-based gateway to your Fusion Voice dictation system.

Fusion Voice Web provides access to system summary information, job reporting capabilities, and user reporting capabilities. Using the web interface, you can stay up to date on the status of dictations and workflow on your dictation system.

Fusion Voice Web provides a variety of tools that you can use in performing reporting and administrative tasks on your system. Each of the features listed below are available on a permissions basis. If you are unable to access a section that you need, contact your Fusion Voice system administrator to ask that the appropriate permissions be added to your account.

System Summary

The system summary page provides an overview of how many jobs were dictated on the system, breaking down these totals into convenient comparisons for priority / non-priority work, transcribed / incomplete work, and assigned / unassigned work. The system summary also provides a variety of useful system totals and averages that can provide you with a strong overview on the current status of your workflow.

User Management

The user management section allows reporting functions to be performed on the user records available on the system. These reports can be filtered and sorted to your specification, and can even be downloaded as a "csv" file that you can open with Microsoft Excel.

For managers accessing the system, there are additional sections that allow for the editing, adding, and removing of user accounts on the system.

Job Management

The job management section provides tools for reporting on jobs. Much like the user reports section, these reports can be filtered and sorted to your specification in order to create dynamic reports that meet your particular objectives. These reports can be displayed in a "printer-friendly" format for printing, or exported as a "csv" file for use with Microsoft Excel.

Additional sections are provided for managers to provide editing of job demographics and the ability to route work to a particular transcriptionist.